Kosmo Vinyl

Kosmo Vinyl is a London-born, New York City-based artist who is best known for his work with Ian Dury & the Blockheads and the Clash. After ending his involvement in music to concentrate on raising a family, Kosmo started making and mailing his own postcards to friends around the world. Over time, the cards developed into larger pieces, but Kosmo continues to be an active ‘ postcardier’ and mail artist.


In 2016, having just completed a 5-year art project in homage to West Ham United Football Club (the art blog Is Saitch Yer Daddy? ), Kosmo turned his attention to the then-Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. In protest of Trump’s policies and presentation, he began appropriating images from the 1950s Cisco Kid newspaper comic strip, drawn by the Argentine Jose Luis Salinas. These works were published as an Instagram ‘installation’ under the title Cisco Kid vs Donald Trump . Kosmo had expected the work to finish soon after the 2016 presidential election was counted, but the result made him reconsider.


“Having spent five years on ‘Saitch’ , producing well over 200 pieces, I wasn’t looking for another long haul," Kosmo says. “But soon after the election, a pal of mine said “Cisco can’t quit now!” and he’s right. I will continue to make ‘Ciscos’ during Trump’s first term as president, however long that might be.”


Kosmo’s work has been shown in London and Somerset, England, Germany, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Decatur and Athens, Georgia. We're delighted to welcome him to Nashville.

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Cisco Kid vs. Donald Trump

New Works by Kosmo Vinyl

July 7-31, 2018