John, Nicholas

Artist Statement


Using layers of color and fluid abstract forms, I interpret the connection between the human persona and pinnacle moments in life.


As we age, the different life experiences that we encounter gradually change who we are and how we identify with the world around us. The layers of color in my work represent a timeline of these experiences and serve as a subtle reminder that everyone has a unique past. By cutting and carving the glass to reveal these interior layers, the work suggests that our present consciousness is based entirely off of past experiences.


I consider myself a modern abstract expressionist. Glass allows me to take something that is intangible, an idea or a feeling, and make it tangible. Rather than creating objects that already physically exist or serve some sort of functional purpose, I use the material in a unique way to create abstract forms that stimulate ideas and feelings.




Nicholas John Winkler was born in Lexington, KY in 1990. Due to his fathers career in the glass lighting industry, Nicholas was introduced to glass at a very young age. His father, a ceramic engineer, had an extensive background making glass light bulbs with the global market leader Philips Lighting Company.  In 1994 his family moved to Corning, NY where he saw glass being used as an art medium for the first time at the Corning Museum of glass. The constant exposure to renowned glass artists from around the world stuck with him. When he graduated from high school in 2008 he decided to attend Centre College in Danville, KY to study under famous American glassblowing pioneer, Stephen Rolfe Powell. Powell, also a graduate of Centre College, founded the glass program in 1985 with the help of Philips Lighting, G.E. and Corning Glass Works. Ironically, Nicholas’ father John was working at the nearby Philips plant at that time and helped create the now famous studio. It seemed only fitting that this is where Nicholas would end up. During his undergraduate studies Nicholas also worked with visiting artists Lino Tagliapietra, Ethan Stern and D.H. McNabb. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2012 Nicholas moved to Northborough, MA. He currently works and teaches out of the nearby Newstreet Glass studio in the neighboring city of Worcester.