B. 1991, Maryland

Currently lives and works in Nashville, TN



Working in oil and wax on board and canvas, Shane builds into his dreamscapes a reverence for past memories. His paintings evoke feelings of nostalgia and melancholy, leaving the viewer pondering their own memories.


Hailing from Western Maryland, Shanebegan his immersion with the arts early, balancing his interest in music and experimentation with paint mediums ranging from watercolor, acrylic, and eventually oil and encaustic. Shane's work shows his depth of creative influence and his ability to summon emotions in a nostalgic, reflective manner. His work is constantly reminiscent of dreams, memories, and silent emotions left unexpressed. Since 2014, Shane has spent most days in his Nashville studio experimenting with new techniques and artistic visions, developing his complex process of layering oil and wax to create thought-provoking landscapes.



 Nos•tal•gia: A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.


​ "I  am nostalgic of landscapes once seen and emotions once felt. When I stumble upon such images, there is a connection and in that moment I feel a sense of calm.


The imagery I paint is an extension of the landscapes within my mind. I yearn to depict scenes that invoke a sense of nostalgia. Landscapes that make me feel lost in the scene and bring comfort. A place that is still, deafening with quietness."




2017 Solo Exhibition, DESIDERIUM, Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN

2016 Group Exhibition, Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN

2016 Group Exhibition, Maury Regional Medical Center, Columbia, TN

2016 Group Exhibition, featured artist, Cafe Mark, Cumberland, MD

2016  Group Exhibition, Main Street Gallery, Nashville, TN

2016 Group Exhibition, Harding Academy, Nashville, TN

2016  Solo Exhibition, Center for the Arts, Murfreesboro, TN

2016  Group Exhibition, Erabellum Gallery, Nashville, TN

2015  Solo Exhibition, Frothy Monkey, Nashville, TN

2014  Group Exhibition,Belle Meade Plantation, Nashville, TN

2014  Group Exhibition, Red Arrow Gallery, Nashville, TN

2013  Group Exhibition, Frostburg Museum, Frostburg, MD

2007  Group Exhibition, Allegany College of Maryland, Cumberland, MD

2006  Group Exhibition, Allegany College of Maryland, Cumberland, MD





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Works held in private collections in Canada, the United States of Tennessee, Maryland, Ohio, Colorado, California, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and North Dakota.