Melander-Dayton, Joyce


1982    B.A., University of Minnesota

1978    Carleton College, Northfield, MN



2012    Joyce Melander-Dayton and Janis Pozzi-Jothnson: Evolution, The Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN

2012    Joyce Melander-Dayton: Constructions in Concert, Textile Center, Minneapolis, MN

2011    Extravagant Constructions, June Kelly Gallery, New York, catalogue

2010    Joyce Melander-Dayton: Mid-Career Retrospective, The Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN

2007    New Work, June Kelly Gallery, New York; traveling exhibition; catalogue

2004    Back and Forth: Paintings, June Kelly Gallery, New York

2001    New Paintings, June Kelly Gallery, New York

1998    New Paintings, June Kelly Gallery, New York

1998    Basics: New Paintings, Groveland Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

1997    My Heart, My Soul, My Shoes, Allene Lapides Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1996    In Spite of What I Know, June Kelly Gallery, New York

1996    LKF The Gallery, Hong Kong

1996    Contemporary Gallery, Modena, Italy

1996    Galleria Il Sagittario, Messina, Italy

1996    Everything Matters: Recent Paintings, essay by Siri Engberb, Carolyn Ruff

1996    Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

1995    The Things We Need, Carolyn Ruff Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

1995    Every Day Is Different; Every Day’s The Same, Expressions In Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

1993    A Reason To Stay, Neville-Sargent Gallery, Chicago, IL



2004    South by Southwest, Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN; catalogue

1996    Salon de Mars, Paris, France, in collaboration with Andres Art Gallery, The Netherlands

1995    Garden Party, Carolyn Ruff Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

1994    Neville-Sargent Gallery, Chicago, IL

1993    Review/Preview, Carolyn Ruff Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

1992    Summer Show, Carolyn Ruff Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

1991    Small Works, Carolyn Ruff Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

1991    A Sense of Place, Peyton-Wright Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1990    Southwest ‘90: A Fine Arts Competition, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM

1990    Tales To Tell, The St. Paul Companies, Inc., St. Paul, MN, in collaboration with

1990    Carolyn Ruff Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

1990    Munson Gallery (invitational), Santa Fe, NM

1990    Substance and Light, Artbanque Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

1989    Janus Gallery (invitational), Santa Fe, NM

1987    Armory for the Arts, Santa Fe, NM

1985    Minnesota Women ‘85, WARM Gallery, Minneapolis, MN



Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN

Cargill Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

Ceridian Employer Services Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

Florsheim Company

Weyco Group, Incorporated, Milwaukee, WI



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