Catherine Forster


2002    School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) MFA Studio Painting and Drawing

1987    London Business School (United Kingdom) Masters in Business Administration

           University of Washington (Seattle, WA) BSC Microbiology, BSC Medical Technology



2008    Illinois Art Council Grant

2007    Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Merit Scholarship

2005    Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency, Master Artist Graciela Sacco

2005    Spatial Arts Laboratory ROJARUKA Residency, Latvia

2005    ARTOTEQUE Global Art Annual Exhibition, London

2002    SAIC Fellowship

2002    SAIC Teaching Assistantship Awards for Painting & Drawing and Photography

2000    Nippon Steel U.S.A. Award

1999    Nippon Steel U.S.A. Award



2012    They call me theirs, The Peggy Notebaert Museum, Chicago, IL

2011    By the Dripping Tree, The Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN

2011    Relish the Drift, The Merwin Gallery Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL

2009    No Exit, Northwestern University and Chicago Opera Vanguard, Evanston, IL

2009    They call me theirs, LAL Art Center, Lexington, KY

2009    Now For The Painter, The Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN

2009    Flint Institute of Art, “The Other Parent”, Flint, MI

2008    The Rymer Gallery, "Buds and Bytes", Nashville, TN

2008    Hyde Park Art Center, “They call me theirs”, Chicago

2008    Kasia Kay Art Projects, “Preserves”, Chicago

2008    “Reagan’s Children”, alternative opera, video for 5 Acts, Chicago

2008    Echo Park Film Center, installation of video collection (2003-2007), Los Angeles

2008    Art on Armitage, “Roja Portraits”, Chicago

2008    Group Exhibitions and Screenings

2008    Carnegie Art Museum, Photos and Phantasy, Oxnard, CA

2008    Society for Photographic Education, Mid Atlantic Conference, “Technocracy”, Pittsburgh, PA

2008    KY7 Biennial, “Golden Oldies”, Lexington, KY

2008    São Paulo International Short Film Festival, “We Shop”, Brazil

2008    San Diego Womens Film Festival, “Intelligent Design”, San Diego, CA

2008    Artists' Television Access, Cable Channel 29, ‘my actions smack of the soil”, San Francisco,  

2008    Echo Park Film Center, “We Shop”, Los Angeles CA

2008    Spark Contemporary Art Space, Kitties and Babies, Syracuse, NY

2008    Directors Lounge Berlin, “We Shop”, Berlin, Germany

2007    South Bend Regional Museum of Art, Biennial 24, South Bend, IN

2007    Kasia Kay Art Projects, “Intelligent Design”, Chicago

2007    Alpan Gallery, Alpan Intl., Long Island, NY

2007    Schmack Gallery, “2X2”, Umeå, Sweden

2007    Berkeley Arts Center, small film festival, “…my actions smack of the soil”, Chicago

2007    The Directors Lounge 2007, “Humpty Dumpty”, Berlin, Germany

2007    Around The Coyote Festival, Female Lens, “My Favorite Rhymes”, Chicago

2007    CultureTV, screening “… my actions smack of the soil, Bridge Art Fair Miami

2006    Scope Miami Art Fair, “Best of The Best” video program, curated by Lee Walls, Miami

2006    Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, “New Media”, Santa Ana, CA

2006    Contemporary Art Center, “Video Cocktail”, “ The Babysitter”, North Adams, MA

2006    Exit Art, “The Drop”, “52,000 Gallons”, New York City

2006    Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery, Vision 11, Chicago

2006    Third Floor Arts Centre, “Tiny Bubbles”, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

2006    Gosia Koscietak Gallery, "CrossMediale", “Rachael’s Makeover”, Chicago

2006    Mindfield Experiments, “Juxtaposition Arena”, “Tiny Bubbles”, Chicago

2006    Evanston Alternative, “Open House Project”, Evanston, IL

2006    Liverpool Biennial, The Projection Gallery, “Golden Oldies”, United Kingdom

2006    Diego International Women Film Festival, “The Other Parent”

2006    Magmart Film Festival, Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum, Italy

2006    Portsmouth Film Festival, “Tiny Bubbles”, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

2006    Damn Short Film Festival, “Ready”, Boulder, NV

2006    Culture TV, “The Other Parent”, “Golden Oldies”

2006    DigiFest Italy, by invitation: “The Other Parent”

2006, featured artist, “Humpty Dumpty”

2006, featured artist, “Extended Family Series”

2006    BRIDGE Art Fair, Miami

2006    NOVA Art Fair, Chicago

2005    Atlantic Center for the Arts, “The Makeover” and “Shopping Bag”, Florida

2005    Contemporary Art Centre, CACTV, “The Other Parent”, Vilnius. Lithuania

2005    ROJARAKU , “Stranger On Foot” video screening outdoors, Roja, Latvia

2005    Roja, Latvia “Roja Toes” poster installation of Village Portraits in Roja town center

2005    Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius, Lithuanian Commercial TV, “The Extended Family”, Vilnius,


2004    Hyde Park Art Center, screening “The Date”, Chicago

2004    Univ of St Luis, screening The Extended Family”, Chicago

2004    Klein Art Works, “Tart”, Chicago

2003    The POND and Klein Art Works Gallery, “Time”, Chicago

2003    Klein Art Works Gallery, “Full Frontal”, Chicago

2003    Artists Space, Night of 100 Drawings, New York

2002    SAIC MFA Thesis Show

2002    Art Coalition of Chicago

2002    Embassy Suites, Chicago

2002    Nippon Steel. U.S.A., Chicago

2002    Ceres Gallery, NYC

2002    Phoenix Gallery, NYC

2002    Foundation of Arts and Sciences, NJ

2002    Nippon Steel U.S.A., Chicago



2007    “We Shop”, documentary, 8:50 min

2007    “Intelligent Design”, 3:32 min,

2007    “…my actions smack of the soil”, 3 min

2006    (ongoing) "Golden Oldies" series

           - "Tiny Bubbles", 2:42 min loop

           - "Under the Boardwalk”, 2:38 min loop

           - "Under the Boardwalk”, 2:38 min loop

           - "Starry Starry Night", 3 min loop

2006    "Play Date", 5:03 min

2005    "The Makeover", 5 min, 3 screen loop

2005    "READY", 2 min

2005    "On Foot", 10:40 min

2005    "My Favorite Rhymes", 5 min

2005    “Humpty Dumpty, 1:06 min

2004    "The Date", 5 min

2004    "Peru Diary", 3:30 min

2004    "The Babysitter", 5 min

2004    "The Mentor", 2 min looped

2004    "The Other Parent", 3 min looped



2003    (to 2005) Klein Art Works, Chicago (now closed)



2011    Subtitles, Three Walls, Programs I-VII, Chicago, IL

2010    Flow, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

2009    Because The Night, Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman Univ., Orange, CA

2009    Bits & Pieces, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

2009    I want to make a video, Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany

2007    Around The Coyote Art Festival, Video Art and New Media Lounge, Chicago

2007    Directors Lounge 2007, “In Focus”, Berlin, Germany

2007    Kasia Kay Art Projects, “Notions of Wilderness”, Chicago

2007    Three Walls, “Place in a Flat World”, Chicago

2006    LiveBox Gallery at Mindfield, “Space, Place and Interface”, Chicago

2006    LiveBox at Hejfina, “MOD” 70s, Chicago, IL

2006    The Directors Lounge, “Forming Motion”, with Kim Collmer, Berlin



New Museum of Contemporary Art, Rhizome New Media Artbase, NY

Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation

Shoes Or No Shoes Museum, Kruishoutem, Belgium

Madeleine Conway

Carlo Clerici (Italy)

Jorge Alonso



2011    WJRW Radio, Grand Rapids MI, By the Dripping Tree, interview

2010    Daily Camera, Boulder CO, John Aguilar, “Nature Signs”

2010    Colorado Daily, John Aguilar, “Nature Signs”,

2009    Nashville Scene, David Maddox, “They call me theirs” Nashville review

2008    The Tennessean, Bill Friskics-Warren, “They call me theirs” Nashville review

2008    NewCity, Sara McCool, “They call me theirs” HPAC review,

2008    Univercity of Chicago Magazine, Rose Schapiro, “They call me theirs” review

2008    Le Chicago Art Blog, “They call me theirs” review

2007    Time Out Chicago, “Intelligent Design’

2007    Art Style, “Nature in a Box”, by Anna Joelsdottir

2006    ARTINFO, Miami Basel review, Robert Ayers

2006    New City, by Michael Wrokman, editor of bridge magazine, review of "Rachael's Makeover",

           exhibition CrossMediale, Gosia Koscieklak Gallery, Chicago

2006    New York Arts Magazine, invitational coverage, July/August

2005    School of the Art Institute of Chicago employed "CREEP" image for marketing purposes,

           including publication in Time Out Chicago, distribution of brochures and postcards



2006    LiveBox Gallery, Owner and Director, Chicago

2006    Marwen, Visiting Lecturer/Faculty

2004    (to 2006) School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Adjunct Faculty

2004    (to 2005) Columbia College, Chicago, curator and adviser

2004    Univ of St Luis, Visiting lecturer

1996    (to 1998) McKinsey & Company, Chicago/New York, Mckinsey Fellow

1991    (to 1996) Gemini Consulting, Chicago/London, Vice President

1988    (to 1991) CMI, London/Paris, Managing Director and Partner